Women in Broadcast Media

At NEP Australia, we believe "You Can't Be What You Can't See". We are dedicated to empowering women and ensuring their visibility in broadcast media. We recognize that women bring unique perspectives, talents, and expertise to our industry, and we are committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where their voices can thrive.

Women make the difference at nep...

By bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to every project they are involved in.

By breaking barriers and inspiring the next generation of female leaders in the broadcast media industry.

By fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

By delivering exceptional client experiences through their expertise, professionalism, and dedication.

SVG's Australia Summit

This past August, NEP was invited to take part in a panel called ‘Finding the next generation of Production Talent’ at the Sports Video Group’s Australia Summit in Sydney.

During this key session, panelists discussed the challenge of identifying great talent and, training them, and more importantly, retaining them and helping to grow their careers in sports production.

Watch the playback of the session here!

National Careers Institute Grant

In partnership with Griffith University, NEP successfully applied for a government grant aimed at redefining career options for women. Through this grant, we addressed the gap in women’s representation within sports broadcast technology roles through several key initiatives:

  • Are search project titled “You Cannot Be What You Cannot See”, which explored why more women are not employed in the industry.
  • An intern program, with over 100 interns, and a mentoring program.
  • Digital collateral and enhanced job descriptions for the National Careers Institute focusing on the wide variety of opportunities available in the sports broadcasting industry.

women make the difference

Women are crucial to the intersection between broadcasting and technology, and it is NEP's belief that their careers in broadcast media technology shape it for the better. By empowering women in this field, we challenge gender stereotypes, foster an inclusive work environment, and help create content that better reflects and serves our audience.

support and mentorship

NEP Group is strongly committed to supporting and providing mentorship for women in the broadcast industry. The company recognizes the importance of fostering an inclusive and diverse workforce and actively promotes the growth and success of women in the field.


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