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NEP Studios in Sydney and Melbourne accommodate clients’ every need – be it a ‘dry hire' or round-the-clock, full-service solution. From central locations just minutes from the CBD, NEP Studios offer flexibility and ancillary features and service long-running series and special event television productions alike.

Features include:

  • Large sound-proof sound stages
  • Super-flat floors
  • Highly flexible lighting grids
  • Control rooms
  • High-volume low-noise air conditioning
  • Various power supply options
  • Modern dressing rooms and green rooms
  • Office facilities
  • 24-hour on-site security
  • On-site maintenance and engineering support
  • Catering facilities
  • Ability to service multiple clients discretely
NEP Studios Melbourne even has a swimming pool with our own Jitacam to fly across, we call on Mediatech Australia, an NEP company, to provide the screen solutions for The Chase
NEP Studios Sydney a venue for all occasions with extensive Support Rooms
NEP studios meet every production need.

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NEP Studios Melbourne

Located at Southbank, on the doorstep of Melbourne’s beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens, NEP Studios Melbourne provide some of Australia’s most flexible television studio options. There are three studios: A, B and C. 

Between them, Studios A, B, and C provide almost unlimited scope for creativity, comfort and discretion for any production.

Studio A:

  • 36m x 22m (792m²) multi-purpose sound stage
  • 97 motorised lighting battens
  • Fully functioning SDI control room
  • Nine dressing rooms and hair and makeup facilities
  • Green room

Studio B:

  • 33m x 20m (660m²) multi-purpose sound stage
  • 96 motorised lighting battens
  • Support and infrastructure for SD or HD digital production vans and state-of-the-art HD control room
  • Six dressing rooms with en-suite
  • Hair and makeup facilities

Studio C:

  • 9.6m x 6.6m (63.36m²) product studio
  • 3.5 metre high lighting grid
  • Control room facilitation capability
  • Chroma key facilitation
  • Photographic studio capability
  • Fixed lighting grid equipped with dimmer outlets
With more than 30 studios and the ability to build custom control rooms anywhere, we have the perfect space for your next production.